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Dementia is the UK’s leading cause of death. Someone develops it every three minutes and there’s currently no cure.

It is scary facing up to it, but we must confront the biggest health and social care challenge of our time.

Thanks to your support, we are tackling dementia head on. Working together we know we will achieve a world without dementia.

Dementia Connect supports people from day one of their dementia journey – from diagnosis right through to end of life. A combination of one-to-one support both in person and over the phone, as well as online resources and local groups, means that people can receive truly tailored support.

We also know that people affected by dementia face incredible inequalities when it comes to health and social care provision. So, it’s only by keeping dementia high on the political agenda that desperately needed change can happen. We won’t stop fighting until the voices of people affected by dementia are listened to and acted upon.

Your support also enables us to invest vital funds in research that will one day beat dementia. But it can also drastically improve the lives of people living with the condition right now. Whether that’s through new ways of caring, new treatments, or innovations to support independent living, the benefits of research are endless. By funding the brightest minds, we can all benefit from a better world for people with dementia.